A New and Way-More-Fun Take on the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party


Make Your Own Ugly Sweater!You don’t need to love all things Christmas to know how popular Ugly Sweater Christmas parties have been over the last few years. Now, I’m not one to jump on trends but I have to say that this one was pretty fun and hard to pass up.Ugly sweaters = tons of laughs and isn’t that what the holidays are all about, jolly good times with friends? If you’re looking for a new take on the trend though, then the Homemade Ugly Christmas Sweater Party is for you!Though you could have fun making your ugly sweater at home, I think an even better idea is to have everyone make their sweaters at the party. Yup, I’m talking about getting crafty over some cocktails and taking the fun to a whole other level. Imagine the laughs!Along with bevvies and snacks, you’ll need to set up a fun “decorating station” for your guests who should be told with their invitation to bring a plain sweatshirt—easily purchased for a few bucks at a department or thrift store. For the decorating station, pick up the following goodies from the dollar store or any store with a Christmas craft or Christmas decoration department:

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• A plastic table cloth (preferably something festive)
• Packs of mini Christmas ornaments like plastic balls, jingle bells, tinsel garland, etc.
• Plush Christmas decorations like little stuffed reindeer and bears are also great
• Spools of ribbons
• Bows
• Felt
• Glue sticks (glue guns will work but can get messy)
• Fabric paint
• Pipe cleaners
• Safety pins

Have fun and please-oh-please do share your Homemade Ugly Christmas Sweater ideas and experiences with us by leaving a comment and even sending in some pics!